The Hotcourses Foundation was set up by Jeremy Hunt MP in 2004 with the help and support of employees and friends of Hotcourses Ltd, the UK’s largest publisher of websites and guides to help people find the right university, course or college. Because Hotcourses is an educational publisher, the foundation was set up to help fund the educational elements of Nyumbani programmes. A solid education provides a way for the vulnerable to pull themselves out of poverty. The Hotcourses Foundation and Nyumbani UK charities have since merged, working together to break the cycle of poverty through education.

Most of the administration costs are covered by corporate partners like IDP Connect. As a result, more than 98% of any donations we receive go directly to Nyumbani/COGRI in Kenya. Nyumbani/COGRI in Kenya has a track record of effective and well-managed administration.

Both the UK and Kenyan organisations are audited each year and publish annual accounts.

Hotcourses Primary School and Lawson High School

The aim of the Nyumbani Village is to create a self-sustaining community to serve orphans and elders who have been left behind by the “lost generation” of the HIV pandemic. The Village provides a family-like setting for orphaned children under the stewardship of elderly adults and seeks to ensure that the children receive love, sustenance, health-care, holistic education and culture transfer, aiming at their physical and psychological development, and, at the same time, providing holistic care and support for the grandparents in their later years.

At the very centre of village life are the Hotcourses Primary School and the Lawson High School. Prior to coming to the village many of the children have not had any opportunity to attend school and would therefore have severely limited options for the future. What is immediately apparent on visiting the Village and the schools is how seriously all the children take their education and how much they value the opportunity.

The Leo Toto Project

Leo Toto is a support program through which HIV+ children can remain with their caregivers in their communities.

The Lea Toto project uses the Home Based Care (HBC) model. All HBC programs have one goal in common – “improvement of the quality of life of the affected through a package of comprehensive care for the client and his/her family”. This package usually includes:

  • Basic medical and nursing care including (ART) Anti Retro-viral Treatment
  • Counseling and psychological support
  • Relief for social needs
  • HIV transmission prevention education
  • Promotion of community empowerment/ownership
  • Self-help

As part of this programmes the Nyumbani UK & Hotcourses Foundation pays for the school fees, uniforms, shoes, books and exam fees for children who otherwise might not have the opportunity of an education that can transform their futures.