First opened in 2011, the mission of Nyumbani Diagnostic Laboratory is to provide specialized HIV and other testing services to the community and to monitor HIV/AIDS patients in treatment against HIV infection.

  • To work with HIV care providers in all committed health institutions, laboratories, research institutions and financial sectors, namely:- insurance companies, banks, industries and non-governmental organizations.
  • To ensure best quality services, Nyumbani Diagnostic Laboratory participates in External Quality Assurance (locally and internationally) and internal Quality Control/assurance programmes
  • To provide 8am-5pm (Monday to Saturday) services to all health care providers with results at the earliest possible (refer to our turn around form available on request from the laboratory)
  • To ensure confidentiality to either the client and/his or her doctor.
  • To avail reports to the person by hand delivery, courier services or electronically

Recently, the lab achieved ISO 15189 Accreditation. This award is testament to the hard work of the Nyumbani Laboratory’s diligent and well trained staff.

One of our supporters Shamus has created a video documenting the Laboratory’s efforts: