The scarcity of reliable energy sources is a common issue across Africa that has a real impact on development and sustainability. Nyumbani Village faced this challenge head on, prompted by the lack of electrification in Kitui County and a necessity of energy to fulfil its ambitions in areas like agriculture and education. Given the demand for more energy a project was implemented to bring more power to the village by building a solar garden. Opened in March 2014, the solar garden has been an excellent success and will continue to prove a valuable asset to Nyumbani Village. 216 solar panels provide the residents with 45.5 Watts of electricity. This is expected to save almost 10,000 litres of diesel per year, approximately £7000 of funds that can be directed to other priority areas. Furthermore, the transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy has boosted the environmental credentials of the Village, which is now closer than ever to meeting its goal of zero diesel consumption! Our friends of Nyumbani in Spain spearheaded the project, and the efforts of Spanish energy companies made this project possible.

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