Nyumbani Village opened in 2004 and was the vision of Nyumbani’s founder the late Fr. Angelo D’Agostino to create a self-sustaining community to serve orphans and elders who have been left behind by the “lost generation” of the HIV pandemic. Located in a semi-arid area in Eastern Province in Kenya three hours from Nairobi, it was and continues to be an innovative and visionary project. The main aim of Nyumbani Village is to create a self-sustainable community to care for orphans and to create an environment where these orphans can be educated to a high standard so that they can progress to tertiary education, secure a successful job or set up their own business. Our model is to re-unite orphans with a surviving grandparent where possible and then to introduce other orphans to create family units with two grandparents and ten children in each dwelling. As well as the dwellings or clusters as they are known, the Village also has a primary school, secondary school, medical centre, technical workshop and polytechnic, craft workshop, town hall, farm and sports facilities and guest accommodation. Nyumbani Village is currently taking care of close to 1000 orphans and 100 grandparents in the Village. Click the links below to explore various parts of the Nyumbani Village:

Village Schools

Solar Garden