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More than 1.2 million primary school age children in Kenya do not attend school.

We need your help to support the orphans impacted by HIV who have been left behind.

Why we need your help


"In Africa, when girls stay and finish secondary school, the chance of getting HIV is reduced by 50%." - UNAIDS.


An entire generation of parents has been lost due to HIV/AIDS in Africa, robbing children of a normal start to life. In Kenya alone, more than 850,000 children have been orphaned due to HIV, and approximately 120,000 children are HIV positive. We aim to help these children surmount the extraordinary challenges in their young lives so they can achieve their full potential and become independent adults. 

A solid education provides a pathway for the vulnerable to pull themselves out of poverty. Missing out on education does long term damage. We try to manage that damage by providing a quality education to those who have already lost so much. Education unlocks doors to opportunity and prosperity. It offers children a ticket out of poverty and exploitation to lead their own futures.

Many of the children who come to Nyumbani are orphans impacted by HIV with large gaps in their education, by providing a quality education and support system, they have a fighting chance to overcome the extreme challenges in their young lives and sustain a future possible of things they could never previously imagine.

"The Village has been instrumental in shaping the destinies of children who are orphaned at tender ages. I feel privileged to be one of those beneficiaries. My eduction was fully sponsored all the way from primary school, through high school, to college.  Without this help, there would have been no education because my family had no financial means." - Alice M.

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How you can help

We need your help to fund our schools in the Nyumbani Village, a community established to serve 1,000 orphaned children and 100 elders who are all affected by HIV. From just £5 per month, your donation will contribute towards the education of an orphaned child in the Nyumbani Village. By supporting our cause, you are helping these children achieve their full potential as independent adults.


You can sponsor a child from just £25 per month. Sponsoring a child is a unique relationship: you will receive updates on your child's progress, and your support can really make a difference to their young lives.

We are proud to confirm that our administrative and marketing costs are covered by our corporate sponsor IDP-Connect. This means that 100% of your donations goes directly toward funding the children's education. 

Without our help many of these children might not be able to attend school at all. Your donation will bring hope to the world's most vulnerable children and help them to work towards achieving their dreams, long into the future.

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