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What we do

We are a globally recognised leader in paediatric HIV treatment

and community-based holistic care,

transforming the lives of thousands of people living with HIV/AIDS.

We started as a hospice for three children nearly 30 years ago,

and today we serve close to 10,000 orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya.

Nyumbani means "home" in Swahili.

Our Programmes

We know that medicine alone is not enough to help children cope with

the stigma of HIV/AIDS and build their own pathways out of poverty.

That's why we provide access to healthcare, education, counselling, practical life skills, nutritional advice, and in many cases even a loving home.

Everything that every child deserves.

We have four key programmes:
Lea Toto Health Centres
Lea Toto means "raising the child" in Swahili

Our Lea Toto Health

Centres assist close to 8,500 HIV positive children and their siblings living within eight slums across Nairobi.

The programme aims to give these children a very real chance to survive and improve their situation.  

By helping with health and education we hope to give these children the tools to pull themselves out of poverty.

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The Nyumbani Village Schools

Educating and empowering Kenyan children most in need.  


Given its importance to individual development and prosperity, education is highly regarded by Nyumbani UK & The Hotcourses Foundation, which places an emphasis on supporting our educational projects.


Hotcourses Primary School and Lawson High School are fully funded by

Nyumbani UK & The Hotcourses Foundation.

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