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Nyumbani's four key programmes
Image by Zach Vessels
Lea Toto Health Centres
Lea Toto means "raising the child" in Swahili.


Our Lea Toto Health Centres assist over 15,000 HIV positive children and their siblings living within eight of the informal settlements around Nairobi.

We hope to give these children the chance to overcome the extreme challenges they have had to face since birth. We help with food, health, education, psycho/sexual support, child protection and economic empowerment.


Nyumbani UK funds the Lea Toto Scholarship Programme, which is available to the most destitute families within our Lea Toto Health Centres.  It helps ensure that all children can attend school, even when their families cannot provide the most basic needs, like books, uniforms, shoes, and exam fees.

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Nyumbani Children's Home
Outstanding care for HIV positive orphans.


The Nyumbani Children's Home on the outskirts of Nairobi provides outstanding medical, nutritional, physiological and academic care to orphans with HIV/AIDS. It was started by Fr D'Agostino in 1992 as the first facility in Kenya for HIV-positive children and is currently home to approximately 100 children ranging in age from newborn to adulthood.

It is a place of hope and happiness where children live in a family environment.

The Nyumbani Village
A global standard of community transformation.


Nyumbani set up this community to serve 1,000 orphans and 100 elders that were left behind by the "lost generation" of the HIV pandemic.

The objective of the Nyumbani Village is to provide a self-sustaining community to care for orphans affected by HIV, and foster an environment where the children can be educated to a high standard. They are encouraged to progress to tertiary education, secure successful jobs or set up their own businesses.

Nyumbani UK funds Hotcourses Primary School and
Lawson High School in the Nyumbani Village. We aim to be beacons of excellence in education, helping the children surmount the extraordinary challenges in their young lives, reach their full potential, and become independent. 

Nyumbani Laboratory 2.png
Nyumbani Diagnostic Laboratory
Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic our laboratory is producing hand sanitiser for all our programmes.

The Nyumbani Diagnostic Laboratory provides specialised and other testing services to the community and monitors HIV/AIDS patients' treatments against HIV infection.

The lab achieved ISO 15189 Accreditation in 2014.  This award is testament to the hard work of the Nyumbani Diagnostic Laboratory's diligent and well trained staff.

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