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What we do

We believe Education lights the way.

We provide education for children affected by HIV in Kenya.

An entire generation of parents has been lost due to HIV/AIDS in Africa, robbing children of a normal start to life. In Kenya alone, more than 850,000 children have been orphaned due to HIV, and approximately 120,000 children are HIV positive. We aim to help these children surmount the extraordinary challenges in their young lives so they can achieve their full potential and become independent adults. 

A solid education provides a pathway for the vulnerable to pull themselves out of poverty.

We need your help to fund our schools in the Nyumbani Village, a community established to serve 1,000 orphaned children and 100 elders, many of whom are affected by HIV. We also offer a scholarship programme for some of the most destitute HIV positive children living in eight of the informal settlements around Nairobi. Without our help many of these children might not be able to attend school at all.

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