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We provide education for 1000 orphaned children in Kenya.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide outstanding education to orphaned and vulnerable children affected by HIV in Kenya, pulling them out of poverty and the worst start in life, to empower and give them a future through education. Without our help many of these children might not be able to attend school at all.

We need your help to fund our schools in the Nyumbani Village, a community established to serve 1,000 orphaned children, many of whom are affected by HIV. Help us to support the next potential doctor, lawyer, or writer and sustain better futures for those who have been abandoned.  


Our work goes beyond the Nyumbani village, we also run a scholarship programme for some of the most destitute HIV positive children living in the informal settlements around Nairobi and the Nyumbani children's home.


Sponsor a primary or secondary school child at one of our schools in Nyumbani.


We need your help to fund our schools in the Nyumbani Village, Kenya.

Marathon Participants

Raise money for the children in Nyumbani 

just doing what you like to do.

"When I was at home I could be chased away from the school to go and look for fees. But now in Nyumbani everything is okay. There is health, there is everything because I'm also given uniform, I'm given books, I'm given food, so everything is okay."

-Bryan M.

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