Lawson High School

Education lights the way.

Lawson High School opened in 2010 and today there are close to 300 students.  Extracurricular activities are available to all the children, including rugby, football, volleyball, singing and dancing.  The students excel in many District and Regional Competitions.  

Over 290 Students, 22 Staff.

The performance has improved every year since 2016 and last year fourteen students qualified for university.  This is an outstanding achievement given the difficulties the children have had in their lives before coming to Nyumbani Village, and clearly highlights the difference that can be made to these disadvantaged children.

Sports at Lawson High School.

You can sponsor an orphaned student at Lawson High School for £30 per month.
By donating to help the children of Nyumbani you are doing something truly amazing!  No amount is too small.