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Lea Toto Health Centres

I am grateful for what Lea Toto has done in my life.  

They gave me more than the medicine;
they gave me a chance to excel and to thrive.  
And they are forging ahead, empowering every child with the idea 

that tomorrow will be brighter.  Tomorrow will be better.

-R. Kairu

Our Lea Toto Health Centres assist over 14,000 orphans and vulnerable children
living in eight of the informal settlements around Nairobi.  
Over 3,500 of the children are HIV-positive, so they receive antiretroviral therapies 
and regular blood tests as part of our comprehensive healthcare programme.

Lea Toto
also provides food, education, psycho/sexual counselling,
child protection, and income support to families that need additional assistance

Lea Toto means "raising the child" in Swahili.


Nyumbani UK funds a Scholarship Programme within Lea Toto

to help children who otherwise might not have the opportunity to go to school. 

We pay for their school fees, uniforms, shoes, books, and exam fees.

By helping with health and education we hope to enable the children
to surmount the extraordinary challenges in their young lives

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