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The Nyumbani Children's Home

The best medical, nutritional, psychological and academic care

for orphans with HIV/AIDS.

Founded in 1992, Nyumbani is home to approximately 100 children ranging in age from newborn to adulthood.  It is a place of hope and happiness where the children live in a family environment.

Because infants can carry many of their mothers' antibodies through their first year of life, a number of newborns with infected mothers may give a "false positive" and never actually develop the disease themselves.  In fact, a full 75% of babies who test positive at birth will eventually be found not to have the virus.  Tragically these children are often abandoned anyway, on the mistaken assumption that they are certain to develop and eventually succumb to AIDS.

At Nyumbani, "home" in Swahili, children are cared for until a definite assessment of their HIV status can be made.  Children who are eventually found not to have the virus are adopted or find other homes.  Children who are found to be HIV-positive are given the best nutritional, medical - in particular antiretroviral therapy, psychological and academic care available.
They live at the Nyumbani Children's Home until they become self-reliant.


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