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Hotcourses Primary School

Education our hope, our future.

Hotcourses Primary School provides a vital foundation of learning and holistic support for the orphaned children living in the Nyumbani Village.  It sets the children on the a completely new educational pathway compared to the extraordinary challenges they faced before arriving in the Village.  They learn to read and write, they receive a warm meal every day,  they participate in a variety of extracurricular activities such as music and dance, and they receive regular counselling and medical assistance.

Over 760 students, 30 staff.

The school is for boys and girls of mixed ability and there are three classes for each year group. Roughly 80 children continue to Lawson High School each year, and the rest choose to go to COGRI Vocational Training Centre. Hotcourses Primary School is an Associate Member of South Farnham Educational Trust.

You can sponsor an orphaned child at Hotcourses Primary School for £20 per month.  By donating to help the children of Nyumbani you are doing something truly amazing!  No donation is too small!

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