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Our mission

To empower through education.

We know that medicine alone is not enough to help children overcome the stigma of HIV/AIDS and build their own pathways out of poverty. Our mission is to provide outstanding education to orphaned and vulnerable children affected by HIV in Kenya, pulling them out of poverty and the worst start in life, to empower and give them a future through education.

Nyumbani was founded in 1992 by the late Father Angelo D'Agostino, a physician, psychiatrist and Jesuit priest.  Although our work to help orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV in Kenya continues to be guided by a Christian ethos,  we welcome and serve children from all faiths or no faith.

Nyumbani has always highly valued education.

In the 1980's and 1990's the stigma of HIV/AIDS in Kenya was so severe that it became virtually impossible for HIV positive children to attend school. Schools would make excuses, saying they were too full and couldn't accept the children.

In 2004 Father D'Agostino challenged the Ministry of Education at the Supreme Court of Kenya and forced them to reverse this unofficial policy. It was a landmark victory which not only changed the lives of the children
cared for by Nyumbani, but all HIV positive children in Kenya.


922 Children

are currently living in

the Nyumbani Village.

1,094 children

have graduated and left
the Nyumbani Village.

3,249 children

currently receive antiretroviral treatments.

17,799 children

have received support from one of

Nyumbani's three programmes.

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