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I am grateful to be part of the Lea Toto Family, because through their support they have molded me, directed me, corrected me; they have whispered words of encouragement to my ears.  Because of them, this very beautiful girl
has managed to come this far and stand before you.

-Grace M.

Our Scholarship Programme

We have a special scholarship programme to help HIV positive children 

in the informal settlements around Nairobi.  

Our scholarship staff work together with the social workers within the Lea Toto Health Centres to help us identify children from the most destitute families so we can provide them with essential support. Less than 15% of the children on our scholarship programme have both parents.

Many of these children are quite far behind in their studies because they may have been in and out of school for years, with large gaps in their education. The state schools in the informal settlements sometimes have up to 100 pupils in a class, and their teachers simply aren't able to provide the additional support to these children who have fallen behind due to the compounded circumstances of their health and their family's financial situation.  

"Tomorrow will be brighter, tomorrow will be better."

Our Scholarship staff carefully select appropriate schools that can help each of these children recover the gaps in their education.  Close to 80% of our scholarship recipients attend state boarding schools located nationwide in order to ensure that these children have the stability of food, shelter, lighting and focus needed for study.  They are protected from the company of street gangs and relentless trials of living with extended family, stepmothers and elderly grandparents.

We cover all their costs including school fees, uniform, shoes, school meals and exam fees. That way we can ensure that these children have a fighting chance to access a good education, so they can stay in school despite the extraordinary challenges in their young lives, achieve their full potential and become independent adults.

You can sponsor an HIV positive child on our scholarship programme for just £25 per month.

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