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COGRI Vocational Training Centre


76 Students, 11 Staff.

Launched in 2008, the CVTC provides technical training and vocational skills.  To date it has trained over 200 underprivileged children, the main approach being to encourage sustainability.

Courses include carpentry, building technology, solar engineering, tailoring and dressmaking, metal processing and hair dressing.  They have reestablished the electrical department for a two year programme to teach electrical skills and solar skills.

Students enroll for two years to complete a "Level One" Certificate and upon completion of

their national exams they can proceed to "Level Two" for a further two years.

Within the CVTC there is a production unit, which produces woodwork and metalwork as well as tailoring and designing clothing.  These products are sold to local communities through a showroom in the next village a few miles down the road, at universities and other schools. Proceeds from the sales of these products are used to cover the operating costs of CVTC, and the training centre is almost entirely self-funding.


All the furniture for the Nyumbani Village is made in our workshop.

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